Top 5 most popular Egyptian dishes

Today we will talk about our great kitchen, the Egyptian cuisine, with its best delicious dishes. The Egyptian street is not devoid of restaurants to serve the most delicious and delicious popular meals, famous for their taste, aroma and Egyptian spirit. Egyptian food is known for its beauty and diversity, between famous authentic and fast food, and every food has its own people.

Egyptian cuisine is always in constant development from its meals and from the chefs specialized in cooking the most delicious dishes. Egyptian dishes are distinguished by the ease of preparation and the ease of ingredients and ingredients that give a good and delicious result in the end. The Egyptian chefs are among the most famous chefs in the world, wanted in all European and Arab countries to distinguish Egyptian popular dishes Its taste and smell, foreign tourists, when they visit our beloved Egypt, always ask to taste the popular foods found in the Egyptian streets and evaluate them as one of the best foods in the world.

The Egyptian cuisine was ranked fourth among all Arab kitchens, and the popular Egyptian restaurants are among the favorites of the Egyptians in the outings and recreation, and of course for tourism as well, as the Egyptian cuisine is known for its distinctive dishes and varied and attractive spices in its delicious smell and taste that improves the mood and psyche.

Top 5 most popular Egyptian dishes

And because the popular Egyptian dishes are many, we have chosen for you the top 10 popular and delicious Egyptian foods for you to taste or cook at home, as they are quick to prepare, easy to prepare, and delicious.

5- Egyptian Koshary

The Egyptian Koshary is considered one of the most popular Egyptian dishes that has a presence in all Egyptian streets. There are many European restaurants specializing in the work of Egyptian Koshary by Egyptian chefs. The Egyptian Koshary is one of the most popular Egyptian dishes that is characterized by its very low cost and all its ingredients are always present in our kitchens. Ali (pasta – white rice – noodles – black lentils – crispy fried onions – tomato sauce – and hot sauce). The history of Egyptian koshary goes back to ancient times, and there is no Egyptian governorate without the presence of koshary restaurants that differ simple differences from each other, including those who put their liver on koshary Or cook it like Koshary Alexandrian yellow lentils.

4- Fava beans

Foul medames is one of the popular Egyptian dishes that is very famous, especially for breakfast and dinner, and most of the owners of shops in the Egyptian streets depend on breakfast from the delicious bean cart found in the majority of Egyptian streets. Integrated, there are many ways to make beans, some of them want a little spice only, and some of them make a special seasoning and chop it in the blender and make it liquid, and some of them put cream, eggs or salad on it, in all cases, beans are an integrated breakfast and dinner.

3- Moussaka with eggplant

Moussaka is an authentic Egyptian dish that has spread in many European and Levantine countries and Gulf cities. It is called al-Mutabbaq in Syria and is called Tabsi in Iraq, and sometimes hummus or vegetables are added to it in many countries. Moussaka has it. There are many cooking methods, sometimes frying or browning in the oven, and the methods of work vary according to the place and the nationality of the person.

2- Karsha and Mumbar

The tripe and the mambar are a popular, creamy Egyptian dish that everyone loves. They have a special, wonderful and distinctive taste. The tripe and the mambar are the guts of the edible carcass, and they are cleaned and washed well several times until their aroma becomes ready for cooking. It consists of (tomatoes – rice – onions – coriander – dill – oil) and it is cooked and then fried in hot oil. The tripe is cooked like meat in boiling water and takes time to prepare.

1- Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of the most famous and well-known dishes in Egyptian restaurants, Levantine and Tunisian restaurants and Palestine. Shakshuka is a main meal in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. It is a meal of high nutritional value and has a distinctive, wonderful and attractive taste. Many cooking methods and all of them are distinguished and considered a special and nutritious breakfast.

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