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The best places with swimming pools in Cairo

The best way to fight the summer heat is by water, but if you don’t have the opportunity to travel, and spend your day in a hotel that seems expensive in your opinion, we have compiled a selection of Cairo swimming pools for you to choose your favorite destination and enjoy the cool water.
Do not worry if you have children, or if you are looking for covered swimming pools in Cairo, our list collects places with swimming pools for children in and around Cairo, and places suitable for adults and women.

  1. Muhammad Ali Royal Club

This elegant place receives weddings and engagement parties, but it also contains one of the best swimming pools in Cairo, and the place overlooks the Nile, which increases the beauty of the experience.

  1. Nile Paradise Resort

You can enjoy a wonderful and enjoyable experience at the resort with swimming pool and lunch, in addition to the wonderful view of the Nile.

  1. Holiday Inn Maadi
    Holiday Inn
    In addition to having a luxurious swimming pool, this hotel also features a view of the Nile River; The Holiday Inn is an ideal place to spend a day with the family.
هوليداي إن
  1. Vision Club

Vision Club is an integrated club that designs football fields, tennis, gym, horse riding area and other recreational activities. In addition, the club has one of the best swimming pools in October, and houses the Dolphin Swimming Academy. And for anyone looking for ladies-only swimming pools in Cairo, Club Vision is the answer to your search, as it includes a private swimming pool for ladies seven days a week, any time of the day and all year round, an open swimming pool but not exposed at all

  1. Nile Country Club

Imagine spending an entire day swimming in front of the Nile, this is what the Nile Country Club offers you. Many consider it among the best places with swimming pools for children in Cairo due to its various activities and games such as: football field, paintball, soap field, and water parks.

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