The Temple of behabelt El Haggar Do you know this place in Egypt?

It is located in one of the villages of the Samanoud Center in Gharbia, and is one of the largest archaeological temples in Lower Egypt. It was known in ancient Egyptian texts as “Bar Habeet”, or “Bar-Habeet” meaning “House of Holidays”, then it was distorted in Arabic to “Behbet”, The word “stone” was added due to the presence of a large amount of stones remaining from her famous temple, which turned into a hill of stones.

The ancient Pharaonic families ruled Egypt from Samanoud, and the temple was one of the most important and largest archaeological temples in the entire region. The temple was built during the reign of King Nakht Hur Habet from the era of the Thirtieth Dynasty, and its construction was completed by Ptolemy II and III in the middle of the fourth century BC, and there are still remains of the built wall. With the mud that includes the ruins of that building, which are represented by blocks of red granite and the gray that characterized the buildings of “Nakhtanbo” in the delta.

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